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Modern Style

Starts price 5.xx Million Baht

This is for people who love simplicity, modernity, and stylish house. The modern-style house will meet your need in all aspects, with its 370 sq m. floor area which can support a big-sized family.
Also, with the mixed design of wood and the house, it makes residents feel the warmth as well as an airy and relaxing feeling from the luxury design of the double space technique of the ceiling between the first and second floor that can walk through in the entrance. Apart from that, the second floor also has a family room which is for people who don’t like the humdrum of things and for the one who loves new generation characteristic which can indicate the identity of residents.


House Sizes

50 meters width 60 meters depth


Floor area

370 Square Meters


Land Sizes

Over 90 meters in width Over 50 meters in depth

Package Details

  • icon_bedroom
    4 Bedrooms
  • icon_bathroom
    5 Bathrooms
  • icon_welcome_ballroom
    1 Living room

    with a hall

  • icon_guestroom
    1 Reception Hall
  • icon_livingroom
    1 Drawig Room
  • icon_diningroom
    1 Dining Room
  • icon_kitchen
    1 Kitchen
  • icon_prepare_food
    1 Pantry
  • icon_laundry
    1 Laundry Room
  • icon_bed
    1 Housewife's room

    + bathroom

  • icon_car_park
    3 Parking spaces
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